Photo © Luca S

From 2017 the IMPREVU# evening will be organized by the dancer Eva Burghardt

IMPREVU #14 - Infos are soon online!!


From 2017 start a new series "PERSPECTIVES OF TIMES"

Every Tuesday in Berlin


Every Tuesday in Mime Centrum Berlin Mariannenplatz 2 / Studio 2 / 6pm. - 8pm.

Open for Performer, Visual Artist, Musician, Dancer.. interested to work with Improvisation and Instant Composition!!
The Lab is open for guests. Exception: every first Tuesday of each month there is a closed session for Imprévu group members only. A laboratory exploring the possibilities of improvisation.We set a theme to explore and then, after an half hour physical as well as mental warm up, we dive into an 1 to 1½ hour long open improvisation without break. This open structure teaches self-responsibility as well as attentiveness for the others. It is a collective journey with shared responsibilities. 

The evening ends with a brief talk where we can exchange our experiences and insights.

We are a group that enjoys guests and their inputs.

Warm up : Florian Knobloch (actor-performer) / Mireia Aragones (performer) / Philipp Caspari (singer-actor-dancer) / Ula Corn (performer) / Elma Riza (visual artist-performer) / Sabrina Miraillès (dancer) / Eva Burghardt (dancer) / Michi Muchina (costume & stage designer) / Susanne Soldan (dancer)

More about us:

Guest : 5€ (Warm up + Studio costs)

IMPORTANT !!!!!!! The changing room will open at 5.50, and we will start on time : Door close at 6.00 pm!! No late entry.