NEWS / Öffentliche Performance

Photo: Luca S

Sunday 11 September / 8pm. 
Mime Centrum Berlin

"On The Other Hand_Auf der anderen Seite"

Dance: Eva Burghardt 

Sound/Music: Tobias Giezendanner

Costume: Anne Wolf 

Working notices:
listen with the back of your head
floating bones
widening skin
when you feel you are not listening
fake it
watch yourself
listen loosely
eyes behind ears
under your feet
on the other hand

Eva Burghardt // lebt und arbeitet als freischaffende Tänzerin, Performerin und Choreografin in Berlin.
Sie studierte Tanz und Choreografie an der Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) und an der Hochschule der Künste Bern (HKB), wo sie einen Master of Arts in Theater erhielt.   
In den letzten Jahren hat sie in zahlreichen Stücken als Choreografin und/oder Performerin mitgewirkt, u.a. in Zusammenarbeit mit Jim Spastics&Hans Gender, Triage Live Art Collective, Naïma Ferré, Elma Riza, Francesca Honegger, Sheena McGrandles und Antje Velsinger. Als Tänzerin arbeitete sie u.a. in verschiedenen Opernproduktionen, z.B. bei Michael Simon (Salome/Richard Strauss) im Staatstheater Braunschweig oder als Gast im Freyer Ensemble an der Deutschen Oper Berlin (Messa Da Requiem / Giuseppe Verdi). 
Sie unterrichtet Tanz, Improvisation und Komposition an verschiedenen Institutionen in Berlin und anderswo.

Tobias Giezendanner // Studierte Philosophie in Basel und lebt in Berlin.

Anne Wolf // Costume designer.


"Story of Shapes (1)"

Concept/Performance: Elma Riza 
Sound: Eric Wong 
The shape as a starting point for an instant composition: a constant transition between dance improvisation and the composition of a visual image in the space. 
Inspired by sign language, this research questions the border between shapes and signs, between abstraction and significance. What is a shape? To what point a shape becomes a sign that we can read? Shapes could either be intelligible or abstract from one culture to another. It is all about perception and interpretation. 
The other aspect of the project is to explore potential principles and work methods, which serve as a structure for an improvisation. A metamorphose emerges from the relation between the body and the shape. The improvisation switches continuously between poetic fiction and graphic research.

Elma Riza french visual artist – improviser and performer, works and lives in Berlin since 2007. Graduated from the Kunsthochschule Berlin – KHB in 2012.Between 2007 and 2011 she worked mostly with video and photography. Then she started to study improvisation – instant composition with different choreographers and performers. (Fanny de Chaillé, Eva Burghardt, Jean Jacques Sanchez, Akemi Nagao, Biwa Costa, Rosalind Crisp, Bettina Neuhaus…) In march 2014, she created Imprévu Berlin – Interdisciplinary Platform for Instant Composition. Besides, she developed a series of solo installations/performance, research which make the connection between her work in Instant composition and in Visual Arts. And open her research to collaboration with other artist, dancer, performer and sound designer.

Eric Wong born 1981 in Minneapolis, MN, grew up in Hong Kong, a guitarist and computer musician. Although he has taken some lessons in younger age, he is pretty much an autodidact. After spending years going between rock and electronic music, his current focus are free improvisation and sound manipulation.
Currently based in Berlin, and having been performed in Germany, Hong Kong, China, USA, China, Poland, etc. Besides solo works, other projects he is also involved include rock duo Meta Fog with Sascia Pellegrini patchworking pop culture montage, musical collective Stoic Strangers with Wilson Tsang plus other Hong Kong based musicians, and improvisational guitar/piano duo Se Noh Te with Eunice Martins.


by Ilana Reynolds

KEEP- is a performance touching on the inherent paradox of trying to ‘keep’ any live moment - whether that moment is experienced as a physical manifestation through the dancer’s body or a visual snap shot captured by the audience’s observing eye. Can moments be kept? If so how can they be remembered and re-composed? Weaving in and around the dancer the audience becomes part of the performance constellation and is free to say ‘keep’ to any movement/instant that affects them in some way. The dancer physically and verbally collects and recalls those moments to then instantly re-compose them. Through a joint awareness and engagement a co-creative dance-making process is formed. A collective memory is built and shaped around manifesting the remembered, the lost and the traces left behind.

Ilana Reynolds is a dancer and performer currently based between Berlin and Frankfurt. She is part of the artistic team at Lake Studios Berlin where she creates and curates works of her own and others. She is working towards her MA in contemporary dance education at the Hochschule für Musik, Darstellende und Kunst in Frankfurt am Main. For the past three years she has been studying instant composition approaches and techniques with artists Rosalind Crisp and Maya Carroll. She remains curious around the physical and mental states of presence in performance and how they intertwine.

IMPREVU# is a platform where dancers, performers, musicians and visual artists share their improvisation and instant composition research with the public.

Instant Composition is a creation in the present moment, as an ephemeral structure, emerging from the improvisation: following what is there, falling in the unknown, making choices, playing with space and time... It’s a living piece, where performer and watcher can be surprised and challenged!

Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg


Every Tuesday in Mime Centrum Berlin Mariannenplatz 2 / Studio 2 / 6pm. - 8pm.
START: 30.08.16
Open for Performer, Visual Artist, Musician, Dancer.. interested to work with Improvisation and Instant Composition!!

- The changing room will open at 5.50, and we will start on time : Door close at 6.00 pm!! No late entry.
- The Lab is open for guests. Exception: every first Tuesday of each month there is a closed session for Imprévu group members only. A laboratory exploring the possibilities of improvisation.We set a theme to explore and then, after an half hour physical as well as mental warm up, we dive into an 1 to 1½ hour long open improvisation without break. This open structure teaches self-responsibility as well as attentiveness for the others. It is a collective journey with shared responsibilities.

The evening ends with a brief talk where we can exchange our experiences and insights.

We are a group that enjoys guests and their inputs.
Warm up : Florian Knoblich / Mireia Aragones / Philipp Caspari / Ula Corn / Elma Riza / Sabrina Miraillès / Eva Burghardt / Michi Muchina / Naïma Ferré / Susanne Soldan...

Guest : 5€ (Warm up + Studio costs)