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Photo © Luca S

10.09.17 - URBANRAUM Berlin
Performance requests via:
(Event organized by Eva Burghardt & Susanne Soldan)

Imprevu# is a platform for dancers, performers, musicians and visual artists
to present their work in live improvisation and instant composition publicly.
The evening consists of three to four different performances (à 20-30 minutes).
2017 Imprevu# will be hosted in Urbanraum for the first time /
Instant Composition is a creation in the present moment, as an ephemeral structure, emerging from the improvisation: following what is there, falling in the unknown, 
making choices, playing with space and time...
 It’s a living piece, where performer and watcher can be surprised and challenged!


28/29 October 2017 in Urbanraum
A short exhibition of ephemeral sculptures, performative installations, sound installations...