IMPRO LAB / Mime Centrum Berlin

photo: Elma Riza

Every Tuesday in Mime Centrum Berlin Mariannenplatz 2 / Studio 2 /  6pm. - 8pm. 

The Lab is open for guests:

performers, musicians, dancers, visual artists...there are interested to work with Improvisation and Instant Composition!!

A laboratory exploring the possibilities of improvisation.
We set a theme to explore and then, after an half hour physical as well as mental warm up, we dive into an 1 to 1½ hour long open improvisation without break.

This open structure teaches self-responsibility as well as attentiveness for the others. It is a collective journey with shared responsibilities.

The evening ends with a brief talk where we can exchange our experiences and insights.

We are a group that enjoys guests and their inputs!

Warm up & actual members: Mireia Aragones (dancer), Florian Knoblich (dancer-actor), Ula Corn (dancer), Philipp Caspari (singer-actor-dancer), Michi Muchina (costume-stage designer), Susanne Soldan (dancer), Elma Riza (visual artist), Ingolf Seßler (mover)

The changing room will open at 5.50, and we will start on time : Door close at 6.00 pm!! No late entry.

Guest : 5€ (Warm up)


Warm up:

Mireia Aragones 
is researching about the meaning and conditions of presence since
more than10 years. Her path has brought her through Contemporary Dance, BMC, Contact Improvisation, Instant Composition, Pilates, Alexander Technique, Meditation and Buddhism; finding big inspiration in teachers like Julien Hamilton, Kirstie Simson, Martin Keogh or Martha Eddy. She learns, dance, teaches in Berlin since 2008, and until 2011 performs in collaboration with other dancers, musicians and visual artists. Since 2011 her research on presence­performance-state­whatisthisallabout is mostly been developed in the multidisciplinary performative projects The Meeting Point Berlin (until 2014), regular study groups like Imprevu Collective (since 2014) and in her classes and Workshops.

Ula Corn

Ich studierte an der Hochschule der Künste Berlin. Zwischen meinem ersten und zweiten Staatsexamen wurde ich Schauschpielerin mit den Schwerpunkten Bewegung, Mime, Tanz & Akrobatik. Ich bin Gründerin des Göttinger Kindertheaterfestivals und entwickelte später Festivals für Improvisation in Musik und Tanz  u.a. SOLO AND NOT SOLO und Fete Foreign mit Barre Phillips im Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, performte an Berliner Theatern u.a. dem Theater am Halleschen Ufer HAU 2 Solo und Gruppenstücke. Ich war Schauspielerin für Kinder und Erwachsene. Mit der Internationalen Strassentheatergruppe Pan Optikum gewann ich den 1. Preis für Strassentheater in Venedig.  Ich studierte u.a. bei Dieter Heitkamp, Howard Sonenklar, Kurt Koegel, David Zambrano, Saburo Teshigawara, Lisa Nelson, Steve Paxton, Mark Tompkins, Barre Phillips, Nancy Stark Smith u.v.a.  Ich habe mich total der Improvisation verschrieben im Unterrichten und in meiner künstlerischen Arbeit. Seit einiger Zeit bin ich Mitglied der Gruppe Imprevu und dem Impro Lab im Mime-Centrum Berlin.

Philipp Caspari 

is a freelancing singer, dancer and performer. He received his vocal education at the University Mozarteum in Salzburg and graduated with Bachelor of Arts. Beside he did further studies in contemporary dance in Salzburg and Berlin. Engaged in different companies he is working in varying contexts. In his improvisations he loves to play with the disciplines and looks for a strong and natural connection between voice and movement.

Susanne Soldan
is a freelancing dancer, performer and teacher based in Berlin. Afterstudying contemporary dance and graduating from Tanzakademie balance 1 (Berlin) in 2010 she got more focused on instant composition as well as improvisation exploring the movement-potential of her body. In recent times she concentrates on deconstructing and downsizing her very own movement patterns into minimalist movements. Since 2013 she has been improvising with voice-artist Martin Lau.As a dancer and performer she has been further influenced by working with several improvisers such as Adam Benjamin, Dieter Heitkamp, Hayley Matthews and Jagna Anderson.Since spring 2015 Susanne has been a member of the Berlin based interdisciplinary instant composition-collective Imprevu.

Florian Knoblich

Schauspieler - Performer


IMPRO LAB 2014 - 2017

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